Wood fence designs

Wood fence designs may seem like the more affordable route with a variety of selections and multiple applications. Though they may be beautiful when you install them, there is no guarantee that they will remain as such without ongoing maintenance and eventually a rather quick need for replacement. Wood fence designs are always available in their superior counterpart, vinyl fencing, which offers a lifetime guarantee on a maintenance-free investment.

Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence owners will tell you first-hand that the investment they made was and remains costly due to the need for regular maintenance and replacement. Why choose an inferior material when you can live maintenance-free for a lifetime with vinyl fencing. Wood fence owners often come to All Seasons Vinyl for their next fence and continually remind us to educate our consumers on the best investment for their money.

Wood horse fence

Wood horse fences do their job temporarily, but there is nothing a horse likes to do more than chew on a fence. Vinyl fencing is an alternative that ensures your investment is bite-free and continually a beautiful addition to your ranch or country home. Wood horse fences are actually more expensive in the long run, requiring constant upkeep and do have a considerable danger to the animals. Choose vinyl fencing as the best solution to your ranch and land containment needs.